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“Bribe” to survive!!

Bribery, a form of corruption, is an act implying money or gift given that alters the behavior of the recipient.

In India it has a totally different meaning.

It is the normal fees you have to pay any person to get your work done! In fact parents pay children bribes to keep their mouths shut!

But what makes this such a big anti-social element?

Especially in India?

The Government Officers need more money to get a simple job done.

You lose your mobile phone, then you have to pay 500 bucks to even lodge a complaint! you want to start a charitable institution then you need to pay a bribe to the politicians who also are running a charitable institution so that they don’t lose their good name of running a trust or whatever!

But who makes them take bribes? Who inspires them? Who supports them?

Who……..? Who…….? Who……..?

It’s “WE”  “WE”  “WE”  “WE”  “WE” and only we the common people who gives them support!

What if we had not given bribe and commanded that officer to do the work? What if we had followed the legal procedure to get our work done what if only we had done the right job?

It’s always we who are the root cause of it.

Common people we are the ones who need to make a change……

If you wanna make a change then BE THE CHANGE!!!!


change from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04…

hey there  everyone :)!!

All those who are using Ubuntu 9.10 can change to Ubuntu 10.04 without formatting the comp…


just download the alternate cd image file and then follow the process….

Copmiz effects

Nice Pic right??

It’s a part of the Compiz effects in Ubuntu….

It’s called the cube effects, (though it is a triangle here).

The number of faces can range from just 1 to 16!!! so you can think what the shape could be like…

Go to Compiz Effects page to see some videos and more enlarged pictures….

Ubuntu 10.04 is here….

The latest version of the Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) has been released recently….
I know that I’m updating this news too late but i thought i’d try it for a few days first.
After using it i compared t with Windows 7 and the results were just AMAZZZZZING!!!
The installation was only 20 minutes for Ubuntu 10.04 but W7 needs a minimum of 40 minutes to completely get installed and the boot time of W7 is no where close to 10.04…
Ubuntu 10.04 needs only 10 seconds to boot and the maximum time it can take is about 17 seconds and what about W7????
Should you not try Ubuntu even after reading this then i guess you have wasted your precious time visiting my blog….

What is OpenSource?

OpenSource softwares or Operating Systems are just another bunch of softwares and OS. But the difference is that “YOU” have the full rights to COPY, SHARE and MODIFY this softwares and OS. And all this you can do it for FREE!!

That is right…IT IS FREE

You might think that it’s performance will match the ones for which you pay..But trust me once you’ve tried it you’ll start regretting as to why you didn’t start using it before!!

If you know programming and you still use OS like Windows then you surely have wasted your time learning how to program!!

You can edit the software and OS the way you want it to be!!

Why OpenSource???

Many ask “why should i use  OpenSource while i can get windows?”

When they get an answer to their question they reply saying OpenSource is difficult to understand!! They don’t realize that only if they try it will they find it easy. If Michael Schumacher had said that F1 is complicated and dangerous we’d never be cheering for him!!

If you don’t try it then it means you have no guts and having no guts is not human nature!!

The Open Source Logo

Welcome to my blog… 🙂 That is MaNu’s blog!!!

My blog shows you the advantage of open source OS and softwares…

So if you are not a comp freak who wants to experiment with open source….

then I’m sorry to tell that you’re in the wrong blog.[please check for spelling errors in the adress bar!!!!! ;)]